About Betting Dad

Ben Adams is the owner and creator of the Betting Dad website and social media channels. 

Ben is 34, is married to Sally and has two children age 4 and 2.

Ben has just realised he doesn’t enjoy talking about himself in third person, so he will stop now.

Hi, I’m Ben, I’m smiling but really inside I’m hoping my kids aren’t about to break my computers.

Making A Living Online

I’ve been making a living online for over two years now, mainly from matched betting. I originally began matched betting to earn some extra money alongside my job as a sales adviser at a sports centre.

Around a year later I was in a position to leave my job and focus on making the most out of matched betting and work on it full time.

It’s worth mentioning, In 2020, I wouldn’t encourage people to consider doing matched betting full time. This is due to the value of bookmaker offers declining over time.

Matched betting is still a great way to make money from home. It’s just much more difficult to make significant amounts without a large starting bankroll.

Although leaving traditional 9-5 work was daunting at first, it has changed our way of life dramatically. Mainly for good, but it hasn’t all been smooth sailing.

The Positives

Amongst the many benefits of working for myself, some highlights from the past couple of years for myself and family have been:

Travelling around New Zealand for a month without having to worry about getting time off work.

Sally being able to take a career break from her ‘9-5 job’ to focus on other ventures and spend more time with family.

Moving to a new house that suits our family better.

The Negatives

I think it’s fair I also mention some of the things I’ve struggled with since working for myself.

With the nature of my work being an obvious direct correlation between time spent and money made, I have found it difficult to switch off at times. This has affected some areas in my life:

My health and fitness has definitely declined, due to lack of time exercising (something that I used prioritise) and also maybe has something to do with positioning my office next to a kitchen full of snacks.

My social life has also suffered due to generally being very busy during weekends when most people are free. Also, much of my free time is spent with the kids, which I know I won’t regret, but know I should also make space for adult social times too.

I am actively working on improving these areas and will be tracking my progress to share on my website and social media. This is my way of calling myself out and making myself do something about it!

The Future

I’m going to continue to make the most of matched betting while it is still here as it won’t last forever.

I have started an exciting project trying to help 100 people make at least £1000 profit from matched betting.

I will also keep working on growing the website, social media channels and I’m looking forward to starting a YouTube channel that I’m currently creating content for.



I really appreciate it if you have made it this far! If you have any questions please get in touch by commenting below posts or contacting me.

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