How To Win Every Time You Place An Acca Bet

Last Updated on January 5, 2022 by Ben

For the average punter, a football accumulator bet is an exciting gamble that can potentially lead to a big win.

However, accumulator bets are mostly very poor value bets that bookmakers love.

When it comes to matched betting, we can lock in a profit every single time we place a football accumulator bet.

We do this by taking advantage of a popular promotion that many bookmakers run all year round.

Please note: Accumulator offers are considered to be an advanced method of matched betting. If you haven’t tried matched betting yet, the new account offers are a perfect place to start. Learn more about matched betting here.

Edit: These offers aren’t as common or lucrative in 2022. It’s always worth keeping an eye out for these types of offers as they pop up from time to time.

What Are Football Accumulator Bets?

An accumulator is a single bet that links together two or more individual bets and is dependent on all of those bets winning together (I hope that made some sense!).

Why Bookmakers Want You To Place Accumulator Bets

Bookmakers love these types of bets.

As well as increasing the odds (and therefore the chances of you losing), placing accumulator bets multiply and significantly increase what is known as the bookmakers overround.

Basically, the overround involves offering odds that are unfair to punters and firmly in the bookmaker’s favour so that, if all factors were equal, the bookmaker would still make a profit.

Overound is a key factor in how bookmakers determine the odds they offer because it goes a long way to deciding how much profit they will make.

It’s not too surprising then, that bookmakers offer punters an incentive to place football accumulator bets.

This incentive is often referred to as ‘Acca Insurance’.

What Is Acca Insurance And How To Take Advantage

The terms from each bookmaker can vary slightly. But to keep things simple, acca insurance is when you place a bet on a set number of football results, if one result is incorrect, you get your money back as a free bet or cash.

We can use the value of the free bet as leverage to take advantage of this offer.

There are a few different methods you can use to make money from this offer.

Oddsmonkey provides video guides on how to use each method.

These videos are available to watch when you sign up for a free account with them.

Oddsmonkey Video Guides.
A few of many video guides available to watch on the Oddsmonkey website.

I’m going to talk about the ‘Lock-In’ method because this is what I use.

Done correctly, the Lock-In method is risk-free and means you guarantee a profit no matter which selections from your accumulator win, lose or draw.

This is possible by selecting games that take place at different times.

Then laying (betting against) each team sequentially in response to the previous result.

Sound good but complicated? That was my first impression!

Mastering the Acca software on Oddsmonkey took a while to learn.

To begin with, the video guides were extremely helpful, they explain the process clearly.

I started by using small stakes to build confidence using the tools available.

After a few attempts, things got much easier and made more sense.

I now place Accumulators almost every day using the Lock-In method to guarantee a profit from each bet.

How Much Can You Make From Football Accumulator Offers?

There are many people in the matched betting forums reporting significant earnings from accumulators.

Results can vary from person to person because they may be using different methods.

I can only really comment on my experience using the Lock-In method.

Using the Lock-In method I average around £4 profit per accumulator.

I aim to place around 100 accumulators each month.

If I achieve both figures, that’s around £400 risk-free each month just from accumulator offers.

Don’t forget, there are plenty of other ways to make money from matched betting each month too.

The key factor that will determine how much you can make from the Lock-In method is volume.

Simply put, the more bets you place, the more you will earn.

I started by thinking, if I can place 10 accumulators a week, that’s £40 extra spending money each weekend.

It’s worth mentioning, the Lock-In method is not the most profitable method in the long run.

I like it because it is risk-free and I guarantee a profit each time I place an accumulator, which in turn keeps me motivated to complete as many as possible.

How I Use The Lock-In Method

The great thing about football accumulator offers is that there are plenty of opportunities each day during the football season.

I usually start by working my way through the easier and more profitable offers on the daily offer calendar at Oddsmonkey.

When I have some spare time, I’ll check the Oddsmonkey Acca Finder (below) for potential accumulators.

This displays the most profitable accumulators available at the current time in order of value.

This tool only selects accumulators with games that take place at different times, this is necessary for this method to work.


The EV (Estimated Value) figure on the left column is the approximate profit each of the accumulator bets.

The actual profit will vary slightly due to odds changing in the games that are played at a later time/date.

If odds drift, it will decrease my profit slightly. If odds shorten, it will mean extra profit.

Over a large sample of bets, I know I’ll average close to the EV figure suggested on the Acca Finder.

If I select the most profitable accumulator at the time of writing (the one at the top of the Acca Finder).

It has an EV of £5.25 and I need to place the bet at Ladbrokes.

f I click on Open on the Acca Finder, it opens up this smart looking calculator:

This calculator tells me the exact amount to lay (bet against) each team in order to make an even profit no matter what happens.

I would start by going over to Ladbrokes and placing the suggested football accumulator.

This process gets easier and faster the more familiar you are with using bookmaker websites.

I would then lay the first selection, in this case, Tottenham at odds of 1.15 at Smarkets.

The calculator tells me to use a stake of £25.73.

After the game has finished, if Tottenham win, I will select the green W. If they lose or draw, I will select the red L.

Depending on the outcome, the calculator will work out the next lay stake for the following game.

I would then continue laying each game unless two selections lose, then I would stop.

This is how the profit is locked-in:

Two selections lose – I would stop laying and would have made a profit overall in the betting exchange.

All the selections win – I would have made a profit overall at Ladbrokes.

One selection loses – I would have made a small overall loss. But then receive a £25 free bet from Ladbrokes. I know I can guarantee around £20 profit risk-free from the free bet. After I have extracted the value from the free bet, I will make a profit overall.

Fortunately, the calculator works out all the above! So the process is made easier.

I save each accumulator that I place. Saved accumulators are displayed in the ‘My Accas’ tab on the Acca Finder.

This feature is very helpful, It helps me see clearly what games need laying and when.

It’s important to be ready to lay off the next game before it starts when using the lock-in method.

The Oddsmonkey video guides explain the process and walk you through how to use the accumulator tools. These are well worth watching to understand the concept clearly. These video guides are available to watch when you sign up for a free account with Oddsmonkey.

Accumulator bets - Video guide

Pros and Cons of Using Accumulator Bets


  • Risk-free and guarantee profit – Providing each selection is layed off correctly. There is an unlikely chance an accumulator may make a very small loss as a result of odds drifting but this would be recovered easily. More often the odds reduce because the teams selected are generally hot favourites. This results in making a higher profit than the original EV suggests.
  • There are plenty of opportunities on a daily basis – During the football season, there are so many good value accumulators to profit from.
  • Bookmakers love football accumulator bets – This is a key reason I tend to focus more on accumulators as opposed to horse racing offers. You may be less likely to get gubbed doing these offers.
  • You look more like a normal punter – Similar to the point above. The accumulators on the Acca Finder frequently involve backing top European football teams that are hot favorites. You’ve got to assume normal punters will be placing similar bets. So I think these offers might just give us a better chance of blending in with the gamblers!


  • Takes some time to learn – In my own experience, it took me a while to get my head around using the Acca Finder and calculator. It’s certainly more complex than the new customer offers.
  • Mistakes can be expensive – If you were to place an incorrect lay bet or forget to lay completely, it could prove to be costly if the selection went on to lose. This is why it’s advisable to start with really small stakes and build up slowly until you’re confident carrying out the process.
  • Need to stay really organised – Especially when doing the lock-in method. It’s important to make sure you are able to lay off each selection. This just takes a bit of planning. For example, if you were away from your computer when a game finished but the next was about to start, you could lay the selection using your mobile phone.
  • Can be inconvenient – Extending the point above. You might be, for example, out for a meal but need to be on your phone for a few minutes to lay a selection. My wife has become quite understanding now! It becomes a quick process when you get the hang of it.

Please note: Accumulator offers are considered to be an advanced method of matched betting. If you haven’t tried matched betting yet, the new account offers are a perfect place to start. Learn more about matched betting here.