Bulb Energy Review: Is Switching Quick, Easy And Worth It?

I’ve always thought of dealing with or changing energy providers a hassle and a time-wasting chore.

Admittedly, it’s because I have no idea what rates are good or bad or even what any of their terminologies actually mean.

When we moved into our first home, we inherited the services of Eon Energy, the suppliers for the previous owners.

We seemed to be paying a lot at the time for just myself and my wife.

I not only wanted a cheaper deal (obviously), but also a company that would provide a greener service.

After some research, I found Bulb Energy ticked all the boxes.

They claimed to be Simple to use, Cheaper and Greener.

Having never switched energy provider before, I prepared myself for what I thought would be a long and tedious task.

I decided I needed to act like a proper grown-up and get it done.

Bulb Energy Review 2020

In this Bulb Energy review, I speak of my personal experience of switching energy providers and being a customer of Bulb.

Read to end to find out how you and a friend can share £100.

How Long Does It Take To Switch To Bulb Energy?

They claim you can switch to Bulb in 2 minutes.

Bulb energy review
From Bulb’s About page.

2 minutes to switch!? Surely not.

I immediately doubted this.

I’m going to have to fill out long forms online, sit on hold for half an hour to cancel my old provider, cancel direct debits, set up new ones etc etc etc.

Turns out I was wrong.

Bulb deals with the annoying stuff.

Furthermore, the online forms you need to fill out are minimal.

To start with, you need to answer these simple questions:


After these 4 questions, you’ll get an easy to understand breakdown of how much you could save by switching to Bulb Energy.


If you decide to proceed from here, you only need to enter your basic personal and contact details.

And, that’s it.

It really does take about 2 minutes!

You’ll be told when you can expect to make your first payment.

No need to mess around trying to cancel with your old energy supplier!

I was most pleased about not having to get in touch with my current energy supplier.

I find it really annoying calling up and waiting on hold for ages for something that should take a few minutes at most.

So, the fact Bulb was going to do all that for me was music to my ears.

What Happens Next? Do Bulb Energy Really Take Care Everything?

I was so impressed with the simplicity of the Bulb sign up process.

It is so user friendly and perfect for anyone like myself who doesn’t really know what they are doing!

It takes about 3 weeks for Bulb to complete the switch after joining.

I received an email explaining the process.


Bulb stayed true to their word and sent an update after 9 days to let me know everything was going smoothly.

A few days later they got back in touch asking for my first meter reading.


This is the one thing I had to do myself.

If you have a smart meter (which Bulb can install for free), meter readings are automatically sent straight to them.

I now have a smart meter but didn’t at the time of switching energy provider.

Fortunately, sending a meter reading was still easy to do.

Bulb even provide a guide on how to read your meter.

The guide covers a wide range of meters so even if you have an old meter, it’s simple to do.

Not long after, I was a full Bulb member.


Bulb notified me of this and let me know to expect a final bill from my old energy supplier.

If you have any exit fees from your current supplier, Bulb offer to refund these up to £60.

It worth noting too, that Bulb don’t charge any exit fees if you want to leave in the future.

The Benefits Of Switching To Bulb Energy

As a current Bulb member, for over three years now, I’ve enjoyed a few extra benefits other than just saving money.

These are the main reasons I wanted to do a Bulb Energy review.

Extra Benefit 1: I feel as though I’m making a difference

Bulb is the UK’s biggest green energy supplier.

They provide 100% renewable electricity and 100% carbon-neutral gas to all their members.

In other words, they are making a big positive difference to the environment.

Taken from Bulb’s website.

By using Bulb, you can feel you are playing your part in making that difference.

I love how Bulb add a personal touch and keep members updated.

Here is an update I received of how my energy saving contributed to the cause.

Extra Benefit 2: Zero hassle when joining and even when cancelling

Switching energy provider to Bulb was much quicker and easier than I thought.

The whole process was quite effortless.

I also have had the experience of cancelling my membership with Bulb.

We moved house last year so I needed to cancel.

I was again surprised at how simple this was.

It was very straightforward and I did it all online with a few clicks of a mouse.

There were no phone calls with a pushy salesperson begging me to stay.

Safe to say, I rejoined Bulb as soon as we were settled in our new home!

Extra Benefit 3: Seriously easy to manage

Since moving into our new home in 2019, we had a smart meter installed.

Again, I didn’t really know what I was doing, but Bulb handled the fiddly bits.

They arrange free of charge for an expert engineer to install a smart meter.

It took around 2 hours and I had a gadget that looked something like this:

Bulb Smart Meter (Taken from the Bulb website)

The smart meter shows exactly how much gas and electric we are spending.

I find it really useful and interesting to be able to see our usage in pounds and pence.

It reminds me to turn off any lights we’ve left on unnecessarily!

The best thing about having a Smart Meter is I literally don’t have to do anything now.

Bulb automatically get send accurate readings and send me email updates now and again.

I don’t even have to send meter readings anymore (which were quite hassle-free to do anyway).

I Don’t Have A Smart Meter? Is It Easy To Send Meter Readings To Bulb Energy?

Don’t worry. It’s very simple and about as straightforward as it could get it.

As previously mentioned, Bulb’s website is so user friendly (whether you’re using your phone or a computer).

From your account Dashboard, you click ‘Submit Your Reading’:

Next, click on Electricity or Gas:

You then simply need to read your meter and enter the digits.

There is a link to Bulb’s meter reading guide if you need help with that.


How To Join Bulb Energy And Get £50 Cash

If you want to join Bulb Energy, they have a great referral scheme you can take advantage of.

It’s well worth checking with your family and friends to see if anyone you know is a Bulb Member.

If they are, they can refer you by sending you a link, available from their account Dashboard.

They can get their link by clicking on the section that looks like this:

By using the link they send you to join Bulb, you will get £50 cash and your family member/friend will also get £50 cash.

If you can’t find anybody that is a Bulb member, don’t be too sad, you can use my referral link for Bulb here.

If you choose to use my link, thanks very much! Virtual high five!

As a member, you can then also take advantage of Bulb’s referral scheme.

It’s easy to share your own link on Social media or send by email to your contact list.

You’ll be helping your family, friends and the environment. And be rewarded for it at the same time.

Everyones a winner!

Bulb Energy Review Final Thoughts

I think it’s obvious my opinion of Bulb is a good one.

I’m a very satisfied customer and happy to recommend them to anyone (referral incentive or no referral incentive!).

This Bulb Energy review is a bit of a different type of post for this site.

I plan to do more money-saving type posts like this in the near future.

Most of the content you’ll find here is based around Matched Betting.

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