Football Index Review 2020: Make Money With Your Football Knowledge

Last Updated on November 26, 2020 by Ben Adams

Football Index is a trading platform with a difference.

It gives potential investors an opportunity to use their knowledge in something they are passionate about ie football as opposed to business.

In this Football Index review, you’ll learn all the basics and have a better understanding of how Football Index works.

Furthermore, I’ll explain the best strategy to get started which will give you a risk-free chance of profit. 

What Is Football Index?

Football Index is the world’s largest football stock market.

It allows users to buy and sell shares in a footballer rather than in a company.

Football Index describes their service as:

Fantasy Football + Stock Markets + Betting = Football Index.

How Does Football Index Work?

Football index was created with the stock market in mind.

It operates, looks and feels just like any trading exchange platform you may have seen or used.

Traders are able to buy and sell shares. Like any market, price is driven by supply and demand.

Football Index review 2020

The more traders that buy shares in a player, the higher that player’s share price will be.

When traders sell, the price goes down.

Traders are able to purchase shares in any player that is listed on Football Index.

Footballers are split into two lists:

1. Top 200

This is a list of the top 200 footballers on the Football index sorted by price.

2. Squad List

This is essentially any other football listed on Football Index.

So, any other footballer on the Index that is outside the top-priced 200 players.

How To Buy A Player

If you are have ever used Betfair to do matched betting, you’ll find using Football Index very easy.

You register and deposit in the same way as using any bookmaker or betting exchange.

To buy shares in a player, you can do so by simply clicking a players blue ‘Buy’ button.

You’ll notice there are two different ways you can buy shares.

1.Buy Now

This first option allows you to buy shares at the market buy price in order to match and purchase instantly.

You can choose how many shares you wish to buy at the available market price.

Once you have purchased shares, they will be added to your portfolio where you can track their progress.

2. Placing A Bid

Alternatively, your second option is to place a bid.

Rather than accept the current ‘Buy Now’ market price, you can set your own price instead. This is known as a Bid.

If your bid is matched, your shares will then appear in your portfolio.

How To Sell A Player

Selling your shares in a player is also straightforward and similar to the buying process.

You begin by clicking your player’s pink ‘Sell’ button.

There are two ways to sell your shares on Football Index.

1. Instant Sell

This is a way to cash out your shares instantly.

You will take the player’s listed sell price and receive the funds into your Football Index account.

2. Placing An Offer

This second option is typically the better option to cash out your shares.

Rather than accept the current market sell price, you can set your own price instead.

This is known as placing an offer.

If there is no rush to cash out, you would always look to sell in this way.

Your shares will sell at a higher price and it shouldn’t take too long for your offers to be matched.

Football Index Commission

Whichever sell option you choose, Football Index charges a 2% commission fee on every sale that is completed.

This 2% commission is how Football Index make money. 

There are no fees to pay when purchasing shares in players.

How Can You Make Money Using Football Index?

There are two ways in which traders can profit by owning shares in a footballer.

1. Capital Appreciation

Capital appreciation is an increase in the price or value of assets.

By buying low and selling high you can profit from capital appreciation.

2. Dividend Yield

Yield is the income return that an investment generates.

Football Index makes daily payouts in the form of Dividends.

Once you have invested in a footballer, you are eligible to receive Dividends for as long as you hold shares in that player.

Players will earn Dividends if they perform well in either the media or on the pitch.

How Do Football Index Dividends Work?

Football Index Dividends are daily payouts that you can win on the shares you hold.

There are four types of Dividend:

– Match Day Dividends

Football players can earn Dividends based on their performance during matches.

Players have the chance to earn Dividends on any day where matches are being played in the eligible competitions.

Eligible competitions for players to earn Dividends.

Dividends are paid out to a variety of category winners.

The payout size depends on the prestige and number of football matches being played on a given match day.

Match Day Dividend payout values.

– Team Of The Month Dividends

At the end of each month, Dividends are paid out on the following categories:

– Forwards (Top 3)

– Midfielders (Top 4)

– Defenders (Top 3)

– Goalkeeper (Top 1)

Team of the Month Dividend payout values.

The top players are determined using an aggregated score from all their eligible matches during that month.

– Media Dividends

If for any reason your players are not selected for matches, they can still earn Dividends.

Dividends are paid based on players media presence.

Football Index takes news headlines from 20 top media sources and scans them for player names.

The footballers with the highest-ranking media points are eligible to receive media Dividends.

Media Dividend payout values.

– In-Play Dividends

During the first 30 days that you own shares in a footballer, you will be eligible to earn in-play Dividends.

If a footballer you own either scores or assists or a goalkeeper keeps a clean sheet you will earn Dividend payouts. 

In-play Dividend payout values.

Football Index Tips And Advice

As Football Index has grown with popularity, a growing number of people have been offering tips and advice.

In 2020 I personally appreciate and find the Harry Trades YouTube Channel really helpful.

Harry provides a detailed insight into what using Football Index is like.

The advice is easy to understand and I like Harry’s down to earth style.

I think beginners will find this video in particular very useful:

Is There A Football Index New Account Offer?

Yes, and a generous one at that.

You can trade risk-free for 7 days with a money-back guarantee of up to £500.

It’s a great opportunity to try Football Index out with real money but without any risk.

How To Take Advantage Of The New Account Offer

You will find details of Football Index’s new account offer listed on matched betting sites like Oddsmonkey.

To maximise the earning potential from the offer, the strategy is:

1. Sign up to Football Index and deposit £500

2. Choose one player or a selection of players to buy shares in

3. Buy £500 worth of shares

4. Wait for six days, then sell all your shares

5. If you have made a profit, you can withdraw, that is the end of the offer.

6. If you have made a loss, contact customer support using their live chat or email ( They will refund any losses up to a maximum of £500.

Using this strategy only carries risk if you forget to contact customer support before the 7 day offer period is over.

So, it’s wise to make a note of six days away from signing up and make sure you contact Football Index so they can refund any losses.

You can use your own football knowledge to help you pick a player or players.

But remember you can’t really go wrong.

Whoever you choose you will end up with either a profit or zero loss (if you complete the offer correctly).

Football Index Review Final Thoughts

The concept of Football Index is brilliant.

Its creators have provided a platform that allows a type of trading on football like never before.

I think it’s absolutely ideal for anyone who enjoys and excels in both matched betting and fantasy football.

A strong understanding of how value works and good football knowledge can be a long term profitable combination.

Also, it’s quite good fun and relatively low risk with the ability to cash out your positions.

That said, trading with Football Index is still classed as gambling.

The positive aspect of this is that any profit you make is tax-free.

However, sensible bank management is essential.

I strongly recommend starting by taking advantage of Football Index’s risk-free new account offer before investing larger amounts.