Helping 100 People Make £1000 Profit From Matched Betting

For those of you who are good at Maths, you’ll have noticed the picture above isn’t quite £1000.

Just to clarify, it’s £7.10p.

That was the amount of profit I made from the first matched betting offer I completed.

While it felt pretty insignificant back then (just over 3 years ago), it was the foundation of something that changed our family’s life.

Over the past 3 years, we’ve been able to compound and grow our matched betting profits.

This has put us in a comfortable position, given us more time to spend with our children and the freedom to invest in and try different business ventures.

The first few entries on our spreadsheet back in 2016 when we first started matched betting.

How Matched Betting Has Changed

Each year since I started has seen a steady decline in the quality and quantity of offers from bookmakers and casinos.

I expect the decline to continue as time goes on. Matched betting has always felt a bit too good to be true, and inevitably won’t always be around to take advantage of.

However, this doesn’t mean matched betting isn’t worth it, far from it.

Despite matched betting not being as lucrative and as ‘easy’ as it once was, I still believe it is one of the best ways to make money online from home. Generally with minimal effort when you understand the basics.

Which brings me to the challenge I have set myself…

I am going to help at least 100 people make at least £1000 profit from matched betting.

I choose to target £1000 because I remember thinking it must be impossible to reach £1000 when I first started. It’s also a good amount of money that will help anybody out.

The target is very achievable by completing the new customer offers and doing some of the ongoing offers that are available.

Although it is very reachable, getting to that £1000 target can be a slow slog. Especially if you start with a small amount of money (you’ll need at least £200). This is because you will only be able to do one or two offers at the same time. You’ll also need to wait for withdrawals to process which will inevitably slow you down.

Because it can be slow progress, it can be demotivating and cause people to give up.

I’m aiming to combat this by highlighting the ‘easy to do’ ongoing offers, that are fast to complete.

I will also be checking in on people to assess their progress on a weekly basis. I’m hoping this will encourage people to keep taking action and also answer any individual questions they may have.

So when we get 100 people there, essentially, we’ll be taking £100,000 from the bookmakers and casinos together.

What Counts As Me Helping Someone?

Ultimately, it’s going to be down to the individual to do the ‘hard work’ of taking action and completing enough offers.

However, I’ll confirm what I’m counting as me helping someone. Why? Because it’s my challenge, my website and I get to make the rules (and because I’m probably the only person reading this).

I’ll count someone as one of my 100 if:

  • I introduce them to matched betting, in person or online.
  • I guide them through some of the new customer offers.
  • They are part of my private Facebook Group where I send updates/reminders/helpful stuff.
  • I keep in touch with them to catch up on their progress weekly (Via Facebook Messenger/Email/Whatsapp).

How Much Do I Charge For This Service?

I am charging a one off fee of ONLY £699. But if you sign up by the end of the month you can get it for a bargain price of £249.69p!

Just kidding.

My challenge is to help 100 people for free. Because I enjoy talking about matched betting, but I also think it will be cool to collectively take £100k from bookmakers and casinos.

That being said, I’m not just a good guy helping people out. There is a financial incentive for myself too.

I only recommend and promote quality products and services I use through affiliate links. If you click on these links and decide to pay for a product or service, I will receive a small commission for referring you. This doesn’t mean you pay any extra than normal (in some cases you could receive a discount). I aim to provide plenty of value, support, and resources so hopefully, you won’t mind clicking through my affiliate links.

If you do choose to use my affiliate links, I am very grateful, thank you! It helps me cover website costs, continue to grow the Betting Dad website/Social media and most importantly helps me not have to get a real job for a bit longer.

Do You Want To Make £1000 From Matched Betting?

I intend to run all the reminders/updates/motivation from my Facebook Page and the private Facebook Group.

If you’d like to join in, just like the Betting Dad Facebook Page and request to join the £1000 Profit From Matched Betting Group

Before You Get Involved

A really important point I need to stress is, if you have ever experienced gambling problems, please stay away from this.

Matched betting is NOT gambling, however, we use gambling websites to profit from. Therefore, the temptation will always be there if you have issues with gambling. If this is the case, it is best to stay away.

Another important point is that this is NOT a get rich quick scheme.

Like anything new, it takes time to learn the basics. So please be patient and take it at your own pace. It does take time and persistence.

It will really help if you can keep all your profits and reinvest them into matched betting. The more money you have to use, the quicker you will get to £1000. This is because you complete a number offers simultaneously.

Please stick with it until you get to at least £1000 profit.

After that, you can decide whether it is something you will pursue to make more, or if you don’t enjoy it and find it too time consuming you can stop and enjoy spending your £1000!

If you’re still here and interested, just fill your details and leave a brief message expressing your interest and I will get back to you.