How Much Can You Make From Matched Betting In 2022?

Last Updated on February 18, 2022 by Ben

It’s always the first question: “How much can you make from Matched Betting?”.

I absolutely get why it’s such a common question, you need to know if it’s going to be worth your time and effort.

I’d love to be able to say you’re guaranteed to make X amount in X amount of days.

However, it’s almost impossible to answer exactly because it depends on some important factors.

Despite this, I’ll estimate some realistic amounts of money you can achieve, even with a small starting bank.

How Much Can You Make From Matched Betting In 2022?

First, it’s worth looking at the factors that will determine the answer.

Everyone’s results will differ slightly, but the main reason you’ll do well at Matched Betting or not will come down to the following reasons.


If you are brand new to matched betting, you will need to be willing to put in a bit of extra effort to learn how to do the basics.

It’s likely your first couple of offers will take you longer to complete while you get your head around it.

It’s easy to think it’s not worth the hassle.

However, if you are persistent, you’ll become much quicker and your ‘hourly rate’ will increase dramatically.

If you don’t have the patience to learn, you won’t get very far.

Many people quit early thinking it’s not worth it, sadly before they’ve had a chance to see the full potential.


Once you know the basics, the more time you put in, the more money you will make.

It’s really as simple as that.

If you are still learning, even half an hour each evening is great and will see you steadily progress.

Starting Bank

The amount of money you’re able to invest to start matched betting will be a big factor in how much you can make.

The bigger your initial bank, the more offers you can take on simultaneously.

Meaning you’ll make more profit in a shorter space of time.

That being said, if you are in a fortunate position of having plenty of money available, but are completely new to matched betting. I think it would be sensible to still start slow.

Do one offer at a time until you are fully confident with the process.

After that, you can increase the number of offers you are doing at the same time.

How Much Can You Make: My Estimates

So, how much can you make from matched betting?

With the factors above in mind, I hope it helps you see it’s a difficult question to answer.

That said, I’m confident that, anyone with patience, a bit of spare time, and a bit of spare money (£200+) can make at least £1000 profit from matched betting in 2022.

By completing all the sport and casino new customer offers you can comfortably make £500 – £1000.

Furthermore, by being persistent with reload and daily ongoing offers, you will be able to achieve £200 – £500 per month.

To achieve this, it is essential that you reinvest your profits from the start.

This will help build your betting bank and enable you to take on more and more offers simultaneously.

What You Should Aim For First

A big milestone for matched bettors is making the first £1000 profit.

It’s very possible by just focussing on new Sportsbook and Casino account offers.

After you make it to £1000 profit, it really depends if you think it is worth continuing for you.

If you enjoy the process, why not continue taking steps towards your next £1000.

Keep in mind, you will lose some bookmaker accounts along the way (they will restrict your bet size because they don’t like winners!).

There are ways you can attempt to avoid this happening too quickly.

You will also need to adapt and learn some new, more complex strategies to continue to make money from matched betting.

In addition to this, you might have the option to take advantage of partner friendly bookies for more opportunities.

It’s great to have a skill that can make you some extra money from home whilst the opportunity of matched betting is still here.

So it’s down to you now, how much can you make from matched betting?

How To Start Matched Betting

I’ve created an eBook specifically for people who are new to matched betting.

I explain the steps you need to take in order to make your first £1000 profit from matched betting.

I recommend starting with £200, and I estimate it should take you no longer than 3 months to achieve £1000 profit by spending around 30 minutes a day taking action.

The process is quite straightforward, however, for many people, the biggest hurdle is getting started.

I’ve broken the process down into manageable steps for you to focus on.