Leaving My Job To Do Matched Betting Full Time

I often get asked how I have been able to leave my day job to do matched betting full time. A couple of years ago, I put together a practical plan of action that led to being able to rely solely on matched betting, and other home based income streams.

So I thought it would be beneficial to share my action plan. Everyone is in a different situation and would have to tweak aspects to suit them. This plan suited and worked well for me.

This post is intended for people who currently make money from matched betting with a desire to go full time. If you haven’t started profiting from matched betting yet, see my beginners guide to help you make your first £500 from matched betting.

Know Your Outgoings In Detail

This is essential and a great starting point to put things in perspective. If you don’t know exactly what you spend each month, how do you know how much you need to earn? It’s really important to treat matched betting as a business if you want to do go full time.

I prepared a spreadsheet with anything and everything we spent money on as a family. I Broke it down to display daily, weekly, monthly and annual spending. It is quite eye-opening the first time you do this!

Here is an example of what you might consider including in your own expenses.

Matched Betting Full Time Expenses Spreadsheet

I’ve made up some rounded monthly figures for the example above but would suggest being specific as possible to give a clear picture of your situation. It’s worth having a buffer just in case any unexpected expenses arise in the future.

This is great practice even if you have no interest in leaving your job. It helped us become aware of areas that we could be smarter with our money.

Save Up AT LEAST Six Months Worth Of Expenses

This gives you protection should something go wrong. The opportunity to do matched betting full time may not be around forever. Anything from six months to a year’s worth of expenses in reserve is adequate to give peace of mind. This would give you time to get things in order and search for a job in the worst case scenario.

I worked out what we would need to save each month for me to go full time. We saved up using our wages, selling things we didn’t need on eBay and profits from various side hustles. It is best to avoid taking funds from your betting bank, ideally, you want to compound this to complete more offers progressively to accelerate profits. If you reach a point where you aren’t utilising all of you betting bank then you may as well use the excess to invest elsewhere.

Make Short Term Sacrifices For Long Term Success

Only a small percentage of people work from home and do something they enjoy on their own terms. So if you want to do matched betting full time, you have to give something significant in order to achieve it. What can you give up to be more productive and get more offers done? Here are some of the sacrifices I made:

TimeMatched betting is a perfect example of “you get out what you put in”. When I was working my 40 hours a week job, my typical Monday to Friday week was:

  • 7AM – 10AM – Wake Up. Breakfast with the kids. Play with the kids. Get ready.
  • 10AM – 6PM – Work.
  • 6PM – 9PM – Spend time with family.
  • 9PM – 1AM – Matched Betting.

This felt like hard work to start but once accustomed to a shorter amount of sleep it became routine. This enabled me to save up my 6-12 months worth of expenses and also grow my betting bank at the same time.

Saturdays – This can be tough socially. But to make the most out of matched betting you really need to be available on Saturdays. A lot of offers are available throughout the day. I often spend 10+ hours matched betting on Saturdays. I personally feel it is an acceptable trade for not having to go to a 9-5 job five days a week.

Netflix – Not just Netflix but all TV! When you work out how much time you spend sitting in front of the TV it’s pretty scary. After a while, this didn’t feel like a sacrifice. It freed up a lot of time and made me much more productive.

Luxuries – As a family, we decided to really commit to saving. A few short term sacrifices have allowed us to live a different lifestyle now with much more free time. Simple things can make a real difference. For example, spend less on clothes you don’t need. Stay in and cook for friends instead of going out.

Golf – I used to play golf twice a week. I only played a handful of times the year before I left my job. I should have played more as hobbies are great to clear your mind. But the extra time helped me achieve more and spend extra time with my family. Also, I know if I work hard now I can play as much golf as I want when the kids start full time school in a few years!

Take Massive Action – The Key To Matched Betting Full Time

Taking action is the most common piece of advice I hear from successful people over and over again. It makes perfect sense too. Rather than ponder and over research, just do something! With so many offers and different strategies, we can all be guilty of procrastinating when it comes to matched betting.

I take these steps to stop overthinking and help me take action:

Plan Every day In Advance – Each night before going to bed I check the Oddsmonkey and Profit Maximiser offer calendars and write down a list of offers I plan to do the next day.

Rank In Order Of Value – I then rank the list in order of priority, highest value first. You can always add to the list if any good offers pop up in the forums or emails.

Set A Dedicated Time – I plan a set time to work through my list. Even if I don’t get through everything, I at least complete the highest value offers that deliver most profit. This helps avoid wasting time on the smaller value offers.

Stay Patient

Do you have all the above points in order? The only thing you need to do now is, repeat and remain patient. You know you will reach your target if you continue. Just keep reminding yourself of how it will feel when you leave your job and can work for yourself.

Day in, day out, even if you are busy or unwell, try and do at least just one offer. It might only make you a few pounds and not feel worthwhile, but it takes you towards your target and keeps the momentum going.

Matched betting is a marathon, not a sprint. Keep taking advantage of all the offers you can and avoid gambling at all costs. You will be surprised how quickly your profits will grow. Try not to seek instant gratification, instead focus on taking action and staying patient.

Finally, Enjoy The Process And Have Fun!

In addition to having a solid action plan and sticking to it. If you are interested in matched betting full time it really helps if you actually enjoy it. Spending hours in front of a computer screen backing, laying and spinning slots isn’t for everyone. However, it is important to appreciate the amazing opportunity that matched betting is. Whether you are full time or earning an easy £50-100 extra a week, it is money made from the comfort of our homes which helps us all live a better lifestyle.

I enjoy taking advantage of the offers available. It’s helpful for me to turn matched betting into a game to keep it fun. I time how long it takes me to complete each offer and attempt to complete them as fast as possible with the least amount of effort. This allows extra time that I didn’t have in a normal job for the important things in my life. It also increases my hourly rate.

Good luck on your journey and let me know how you get on. If I can help in any way, leave a message below or contact me.