Matched Betting For A Living – Matched Betting Masterclass Q&A

Matched Betting For A Living – Matched Betting Masterclass Q & A
  • Crowne Plaza, London
  • 27th – 29th October 2017

Hosted by Ben from Online Betting School and The Laptop Lifestyle, this three day event catered for beginner to advanced level matched betting. Ben asked if I could talk about my experience of matched betting for a living and answer any questions the attendees had.

The last time I did any sort of public speaking was at my wedding last year. I balled my eyes out during my entire speech! Fortunately, my talk at the Matched Betting Masterclass didn’t end in tears and proved to be an enjoyable experience. It was great to be in a room with so many like minded people.

I was asked a range of questions about my life and matched betting for a living. I thought it would be helpful to create this post with some of the main questions I was asked with my responses:

How much time do you spend matched betting?


I currently spend on average around 40-50 hours per week matched betting. The majority of time is spent over the weekend and at night when the kids are in bed.

Do you worry that matched betting will end one day?


I don’t worry as such. I am aware it might end one day but I use that as motivation to take advantage as much as possible now. If it does end, I simply try something new or get a job, it’s not the worst thing in the world! Also, it might continue a lot longer than pessimists say, people who have been matched betting for ten years were told it was going to end soon when they first started! I also invest in other areas so I am not fully reliant long term on matched betting.

Do you feel pressure matched betting for a living?


Not particularly. I have been matched betting for a few years so I know it works and I know I make enough to live off. I wouldn’t have left my job if I wasn’t confident I could earn enough. 

What size betting bank do you need to make a full time income?


I think this is down to you and how much you need to earn to exceed your expenses. For my situation, a £15000 – £20000 bank is sufficient to complete enough offers to generate the income I need.

Do most of your profits come from sport or casino offers?


35% Sports. 65% Casino Offers. I spend a similar amount of time on both. Casino offers are more profitable but I like to do as many risk free sport offers as possible to help offset any negative swings in variance from the casino side.

What Matched Betting Service Do You Use?


I use both Oddsmonkey and Profit Maximiser. They can have different offers on the calendar, so it means I don’t miss anything. Both have great forums too which are so helpful, I still learn a lot from the forums. I don’t think it is absolutely essential to be a member of both services. I think Oddsmonkey is great for starting off with the new customer offers and sports offers. Profit Maximiser really excels on the casino side of things. 

Do you worry about getting gubbed?


I don’t spend too much time worrying about it. I do my best to avoid getting gubbed, but that’s all I can do. So it’s not worth spending emotional energy worrying about it. There are plenty of bookmaker sport and casino opportunities to keep you going long after you get gubbed by the popular bookmakers.

What advice would you give someone wanting to do matched betting for a living?


Be comfortable doing a variety of matched betting and casino offers. Know your lifestyle expenses and save 6-12 months worth should things go wrong. Build a betting bank that can generate the profit you need. Set dedicated times to complete offers and always do the highest value offers first. Keep learning.

Do you have a question you’d like to ask about matched betting for a living? If so, comment below or contact me.