Oddsmonkey Review 2022: In-Depth Walk Through (Inside Look)

Last Updated on January 5, 2022 by Ben

Having been a premium member since 2017, this Oddsmonkey review is a little overdue.

It’s a service I use almost every day, so you can trust I know my way around it.

With that said, I’ve made this Oddsmonkey review a kind of guide as well.

Not only will I show you what it has to offer, but I’ll also suggest ways to make the most of your membership.

I’ll help you answer the main question you have: Is Oddsmonkey still worth it in 2022?

Oddsmonkey Review 2022

In this Oddsmonkey review, I’ll take an in-depth look at both the free trial and premium membership.

But first, what should you look out for in a matched betting service?

What Makes A Good Matched Betting Service?

Matched betting, simply put, is taking advantage of bookmaker and casino offers to make a profit.

Matched betting sites exist to make life as easy as possible for us.

A good service will:

– Teach us how to profit from different types of offers

– Find the best offers

– Provide tools to make the process quick and easy

– Provide continued support for members

I’ll show just how well the premium membership manages to help us with the above.

First, let’s take a look inside the Oddsmonkey free trial.

Oddsmonkey Free Trial: You’ve Got Nothing To Lose

If you’re brand new to all this, you don’t need more than this to start with.

You only need to enter your name and email address to gain access.

You can sign up for the free trial of Oddsmonkey here.

When you’re in, you’ll be able to learn the basics and start to make your first profits from matched betting.

Oddsmonkey review - Free tutorials
The free tutorials are clearly written with video guides to help digest the information easily.

Oddsmonkey review - Mark as complete

You can mark each tutorial as complete as you work through them. Perfect for keeping organised and up to date. If you successfully complete all the free tutorials, you should make an easy £50+.

At this stage, you should have a clearer idea if matched betting is for you or not.

Do you understand how the process works and did you make some risk-free money?

If so, the good news is, there are over 50 new account offers to work through inside Oddsmonkey premium.

The Oddsmatcher: The Main Tool You Need To Learn

During the free trial, you’ll learn to use the Oddsmonkey Oddsmatcher.

The Oddsmatcher displays current, real-time bookmaker odds vs betting exchange odds.

This powerful tool will help you identify the best bets to use for any offer at any given time.

It can sound and look a bit complicated at first.

One of the free tutorials is all about how to use the Oddsmatcher.

Oddsmonkey review - Oddsmatcher
The Oddsmonkey Oddsmatcher.

You’ll have access to a free version of the Oddsmatcher in the free trial.

The free version limits you to just a few bookmaker’s live odds.

As soon as you’re comfortable with the Oddsmatcher, you’ll be ready to complete your first new account offers.

Inside Oddsmonkey Premium: What You’ll Get For Your Money

The first thing you’ll see when you become a premium member is your Dashboard:

Oddsmonkey review - Dashboard
The Oddsmonkey Dashboard

Here, you’ll find easy links to all the essential training and tools that you’ll need most frequently.

This is a helpful homepage but can also appear a bit overwhelming.

You definitely don’t need to learn all the strategies or master all the tools straight away.

Instead, I’d ignore everything else for now and head right here:

Oddsmonkey review - Start here

This is where Oddsmonkey has an extensive list of over 50 new bookmaker account offers.

So, now you know how to complete the basic ones from the free trial, it makes sense to start here.

I like that Oddsmonkey rank each offer by difficulty level, easy, medium, hard.

I’d advise beginning by working through all the offers ranked easy.

If you get stuck, each offer has a specific guide to help you out.

Oddsmonkey review - New account offers
Some of the new account offers listed in Oddsmonkey. You can mark each offer as complete to keep organised.

As you work your way through the new account offers, you’ll come across different types of offers.

Some just require a little more effort than others.

But you can learn these later as you go along by using the guides for each offer.

Don’t try and learn everything before you start.
Complete the offers you understand.
Then move on to more difficult ones.


Taking advantage of as many new account offers as possible early on is key.

It will help you make money straight away as you learn.

Also, you’ll open up more opportunities for reload offers to help you keep making money after the welcome offers.

Oddsmonkey Casino Hub: A Low-Risk Way To Beat Casinos

This is the next place to go:

Oddsmonkey review - Casino hub

While casino offers aren’t matched betting. We can still use them to profit by taking advantage of the offers and incentives given by casinos.

Over 60 different new casino account offers are listed in this section.

Oddsmonkey has an in-depth guide on casino.

From the Dashboard go to TRAINING > GENERAL TIPS & GUIDES > Search for “CASINO GUIDE”.

If you’re new to matched betting casino offers.

I’d recommend simply working through the ‘Risk-Free’ new casino account offers.

A lot of these offers don’t even require you to make a deposit and are simple to complete.

Oddsmonkey review - Casino new account offers
The offers are listed in the same way as the new bookmaker account offers. All have specific guides to follow.
Don’t get sucked into the flashing lights and fancy sounds of casino slots.
They are all operated by a random number generator with a pretty face on the front.
They’re designed with the intention to tempt you in and take your money.
Do the offer, be happy knowing you have the advantage long term and then get out of there.

Assess How are you finding it so far?

I think it’s worth pausing my Oddsmonkey review here for a moment.

It’s important at this stage to consider if you want to take it further or not.

If you intend to start like I’ve suggested and complete all the bookmaker and casino new account offers. You should make around £1000.

If you don’t plan on doing matched betting after the new account offers.

There’s no reason to keep your Oddsmonkey membership longer than you need.

You can cancel your monthly payments at any time.

It makes sense to sign up for a month or two. Then cancel your membership after you’ve made around £1000.

This helps you make the most of a very small investment.

If you get to here and have enjoyed it and understand the strategies.

Keep the membership and continue learning, the monthly cost is very small in relation to what you can make.

Decide if you enjoy it.
If you do, keep learning and you’ll be rewarded.
If not, take your money and run and enjoy it!
Don’t waste money on a service if you’re not going to make use of it!

Daily Offer Calendar: Find The Best Opportunities Every Day

If you’re still here, you want to know if can keep making money after new account offers.

By now, you will ideally have plenty of bookmaker and casino accounts open.

They will send you offers intending to entice you to gamble with them.

We can exploit these offers similar to the new account offers.

The most time consuming and difficult part would be identifying which offers are valuable or not.

Fortunately, the Oddsmonkey Daily Offer Calendar is here to do this for us.

This is my go-to page when I log in to Oddsmonkey:

Oddsmonkey review - Daily Offer Calendar
From the Dashboard go to OFFERS > DAILY OFFER CALENDAR

Here you will find all the current ongoing offers that are of value and worth doing.

The filter is your best friend, you can use it to help you:

– sort offers from sport or casino

– see offers ranked in difficulty. Easy, medium or hard

– have a clear idea of how much you can make from each offer

Oddsmonkey review - Daily offer calendar offers

The Daily Offer Calendar. I set the filter as above (and Save as Default).

When I go to the Daily Offer Calendar, I’m presented with a list of guaranteed profit offers. With the most valuable at the top.

Next, I work my way through them, top to bottom.

This seems like the most common-sense way to move from new account offers to daily offers.

When I complete these guaranteed profit offers I move on to the highest potential profit offers.

The offers with potential profit (rather than guaranteed) may leave you with a loss at times.

However, these offers are good value with the maths on our side meaning we will profit long term.

By repeating the process above, daily (or as much as possible).
You will easily make enough money to justify the monthly fee.


Training: Become An Advanced Matched Bettor

Now, let’s take things to the next level.

You’ll need to learn more of the advanced matched betting strategies.

If you become confident completing various offers from the Daily Offer Calendar. You’ll grasp the advanced methods easily enough.

Oddsmonkey has all the training guides you’ll need here:

Oddsmonkey review - Training
From the Dashboard go to TRAINING

Here you will find:

– Tool Guides – with full training on how to use each tool Oddsmonkey have to offer.

– General Tip & Guides – training covering a wide range of common problems matched bettors have.

– Video Guides – video guides walking you through how to use tools and complete offers.

I like that all the training guides are ranked in order of difficulty, easy, medium, hard.

Also, it’s great that it has the ‘mark as complete’ option for each guide.

It makes it so easy to see where you’re up to.

You also feel a small sense of achievement when you can tick another guide off!

My favourite part of the training section is the video guides.

Oddsmonkey review - Video guides
Oddsmonkey Video Guides.

These video guides make learning how to use the tools easy.

They are also perfect for beginner members who have never used a bookmaker website before.

Members can see how to place bets on the same websites they will be using.

You can simply follow along as you watch.

I prefer this way of learning.

Community & Support: Fast Help Whenever You Need It

Throughout the whole of the premium membership. There is a lot of information to learn and take in.

Therefore, good member support is essential.

Thankfully, there are a few ways you can get help with any area you’re having trouble with.

I’d always recommend going through the training and video guides first.

If you’re still having trouble, you can use the Community forum or send a message directly to the Oddsmonkey staff.

Oddsmonkey review - Forum
A look inside the Oddsmonkey forum.

Inside the Oddsmonkey forum, you’ll find a range of categories and plenty of topics.

The forum has a good search function so you can often find the answer to any matched betting question.

If you’re struggling with something, don’t worry.
You can guarantee other members will have had the same problem.


Some members might not like using forums.

This is also fine, members can message Oddsmonkey staff direct by going here:

Oddsmonkey review - Raise a support ticket
From the Dashboard go to SUPPORT > RAISE A SUPPORT TICKET

Oddsmonkey staff have a good reputation for being rapid responders.

I’ve experienced a fast response for any queries I’ve had.

Bonus Features: Do NOT Miss These! (Especially no.4)

In this Oddsmonkey review, I’ve covered the bulk of the content and tools within the premium membership.

However, there are some nice extras included that make the membership even more valuable.

1. Profit Tracker

When you complete an offer, you have an option to ‘Log Bet’.

By doing this, it will save to your Profit Tracker.

As you probably guessed, this keeps track of your profit.

It lists every offer you log.

Furthermore, is has a ‘My Stats’ section, where it displays monthly profit, profit over time and profit source.

This gives you a nice visual of your strongest months. Also, more importantly, you can analyse which offers are the most profitable for you.

Oddsmonkey review - Profit tracker
Oddsmonkey Profit Tracker. From the Dashboard go to TOOLS > PROFIT TRACKER. Or click on your current profit on the top right of your Dashboard.

I personally don’t use the Profit Tracker tool.

This is because I started tracking all my matched betting activity with my own spreadsheet, before joining Oddsmonkey.

Over time, using my spreadsheet has become a habit and it suits me.

If you dislike spreadsheets, the Profit Tracker is a great replacement.

If I was brand new to matched betting, I would definitely use it.

2. Daily Offers Email Notification

As I mentioned earlier in my Oddsmonkey Review, the daily offer calendar is my go-to page when I log in.

There is a nice feature to have Oddsmonkey email you daily offers each day.

This is really helpful if you’re out for the day, and saves you having to log in.

You can simply have a quick check of your email on your phone to see what’s on today.


3. Betting Exchange Integration

Oddsmonkey has linked up with Betfair and Smarkets.

This means you can link your own Betfair and Smarkets accounts to your Oddsmonkey premium account.

Why is this helpful?

It allows you to place lay bets instantly through the Oddsmatcher calculator. Without having to log in to your Betfair or Smarkets accounts.

This really cool feature will save you so much time.

It’s also really beneficial for new matched bettors who are unfamiliar with betting exchanges.

4. Smarkets 0% Commission

If the betting exchange integration didn’t impress you, this will.

By using the Oddsmatcher/exchange integration to lay bets with Smarkets, you are entitled to 0% commission.

I’ve saved this until the end of my Oddsmonkey review. However, this is one of the best reasons to become a premium member.

Smarkets usually charge 2% on winning bets.

Paying 0% will make a small difference early on.

You’ll reduce your qualifying losses and increase your free bet retention.

After you increase the volume and stake size of more advanced offers. You will be saving a lot of money.

This benefit alone (depending on your level of matched betting) is well worth the premium membership fee.

How Much Does Oddsmonkey’s Membership Cost

Full access to Oddsmonkey premium is available at £19.99 per month or £180 for an annual subscription.

As mentioned earlier, it makes sense to try the free trial first to see if matched betting is for you.

Oddsmonkey Pricing 2021

It’s also worth bearing in mind that you can cancel at any time.

This is all backed up by Oddsmonkey’s money-back guarantee.

Oddsmonkey review - Money back guarantee
If you decide matched betting and Oddsmonkey isn’t for you, you can cancel within 30 days with no questions asked.

It’s often a good sign when a service is willing to give a guarantee like this. 

It shows they are confident you’ll love their product.

Oddsmonkey Review: My Final Thoughts

I can’t really speak highly enough of my three years of experience using Oddsmonkey.

The training and tutorials will no doubt help new members learn all they need to know about matched betting.

Oddsmonkey consistently finds new and current offers and provide the tools to make it easy for members to make a profit.

The cost of membership is very low in relation to earning potential. However, members must put the time and work in to ensure they make the most of their investment.

For these reasons (plus the awesome customer service and extra bonus features mentioned above), it’s easy to reward Oddsmonkey with top ratings across the board.

I intend to continue to use Oddsmonkey for as long as I am matched betting.

(See how Oddsmonkey compares to it’s biggest rival here: Oddsmonkey vs Profit Accumulator Review).

Oddsmonkey - At A Glance


Training Guides


Finding Bookmaker/Casino Offers




Customer Support


Value For Money



  • Loads of easy to follow video guides
  • Professional look and feel
  • Tools for all strategies
  • Fast, helpful support from staff & forum
  • Great value for money


  • Can seem overwhelming
  • Oddsmatcher filter could be simplified