Which Bookmakers Are Partner Friendly?

Last Updated on February 18, 2022 by Ben

Using partner friendly bookies can help double your Matched Betting profits.

I assume at this stage you have worked through most of the new customer signup offers, and have made around £500-£1000 profit.

It now might have crossed your mind whether or not you could repeat the process by helping your partner (or someone you live with) do the same.

It would be a chance to grow your profits using a skill you already have.

In this post, we’ll look at how this is possible and how to do your best to stay under the bookies’ radar.

What Does ‘Partner Friendly Bookies’ Mean?

If a bookmaker is ‘partner friendly’ it means they will allow more than one person in a household to sign up and take part in their new account offer and any other promotions.

The benefits are obvious, there will be more offers available, therefore more earning potential when Matched Betting.

Many bookmakers are happy for more than one person in a household to have an account with them.

However, they only want to issue one bonus per household.

As matched bettors, not having access to promotions would scupper our plans.

Fortunately, not all bookies state the ‘one offer per household’ term. 

Furthermore, in my experience, many bookies don’t seem to stick to that term, even when they state it!

How Do You Know Which Are Partner Friendly Bookmakers?

Bookmaker’s terms and conditions can be extensive (and extremely boring) to read through.

In addition to this, they could update a term and you might miss something.

Therefore, the only way to be absolutely certain if a bookmaker is partner friendly or not is to ask them via email or live chat.

This will give you an accurate answer.

However, I personally tend to avoid asking where possible to avoid any attention being drawn to the accounts.

Alternatively, you could just simply get your partner (or housemate) to sign up.

Then, place a qualifying bet and see if you get the bonus.

Assuming you are familiar and confident with the Matched Betting process, the worst-case scenario would be a small qualifying loss.

By doing this, you will find out for sure if your partner (or housemate) is eligible for promotions.

Just make sure you only stand to lose a very small qualifying loss.

How To Approach Partner Friendly Bookies And Stay Under The Radar

Take Your Time

I would strongly suggest avoiding signing up to a specific bookmaker around the same time as another household member.

This is only more likely to flag both your accounts up.

If one of your accounts is gubbed, the other will likely follow soon after.

Alternatively, I would recommend using your existing accounts to take advantage of ongoing Matched Betting offers.

Once an account becomes gubbed, wait some time, and then get your partner to open a new account.

I’ve found this strategy works well, some second household accounts have lasted longer than my original accounts.

Of course, bookies are on the lookout for this sort of thing too.

This is the case whether they are partner friendly bookmakers or not.

There is always the chance of a bookmaker linking the new account to your previously gubbed account.

Change IP Address

If you and your partner (or housemate) are doing the same offer at a similar time, this is especially important.

An IP address is a numerical label assigned to each device connected to a computer network. Wikipedia

Essentially, if two accounts log in using the same IP address, it’s really easy for the bookmaker to link the accounts.

Some bookmakers specifically state, one bonus per IP address.

Basically, for Matched Betting purposes, it’s essential to always use a different IP address when two members of the same household are taking part in the same bookmaker offer.

A simple way many people achieve this is to:

– log in to your bookmaker account using your home Wifi.

– let your partner (or housemate) use their mobile phone internet data to log in to their bookmaker account.

This will give you two separate IP addresses.

There are other ways of getting a new IP address.

By turning your mobile phone on to Airplane mode and back again, you can get a new IP address.

You’ll need to make a note and check this to be sure.

To find out what your IP address is, simply go to Google and search ‘my IP address’, you’ll see something like this:

Screenshot of IP address when using partner friendly bookies

I use the mobile phone Airplane mode method to get new IP addresses.

I also believe some internet routers can be turned on and off to throw up a fresh IP address.

But I’d recommend checking your IP address before and after to be sure.

Use A Different Device

It’s understood some bookmakers can track activity and store your device’s ‘fingerprint’.

If they do this, it won’t take them long to see you are Matched Betting.

I have always used separate devices when using partner friendly bookmakers.

Most people have at least two devices they could use.

You can access partner friendly bookies’ websites from either a desktop computer, laptop, tablet or mobile phone.

List Of 15 Good Partner Friendly Bookies (From My Experience)

Here is a list of 15 bookmakers that my wife and I have used for Matched Betting.

We both received the new account offer and other ongoing promotions.

All these partner friendly bookmakers listed below have decent new account offers and should work as a good starting point.

1. Sky Bet

2. Betfair Sportsbook (Betfair state up to two customers living at the same address can access all the offers, without any restrictions)

3. William Hill

4. Ladbrokes

5. Coral

6. Bet Victor

7. Paddy Power

8. Unibet

9. Genting Bet

10. Bwin

11. Betfred

12. Virgin Bet

13. 888 Sport

14. Boylesports

15. Bet365 (space sign-ups out for this one, Bet365 have the best new account offer and also the best Matched Betting ongoing offer. It’s a valuable account and worth trying to preserve as long as possible)

Final Thoughts On Partner Friendly Bookies

I’m sure you see the huge potential of working with your partner or housemate to boost your Matched Betting profits.

Please make sure you understand all the cautions mentioned earlier in this post before jumping in.

I can’t stress enough the importance of simply testing the water first by placing a qualifying bet that will only lose a few pence.

By doing this, you’ll easily find out if the new account has access to promotions.

Have you had any issues attempting to use so-called partner friendly bookmakers?

If so, I’d be interested to hear your story, please comment below.