Profit Accumulator Review 2022: Inside Look At The Platinum Membership

Last Updated on January 5, 2022 by Ben

Recently I’ve received a lot of requests for a Profit Accumulator review.

I’ve personally been using two other rival services long term. (Oddsmonkey and Profit Maximiser)

The truth is, I’m comfortable using them and haven’t ever felt the need to switch to another service. 

However, Profit Accumulator is arguably the most popular matched betting service around in 2022.

They boast a large following on Social Media (compared to their competitors) and have established themselves as one of the big players in the world of matched betting.

With that said, I thought I really should look into why Profit Accumulator is rated so highly.

Profit Accumulator Review 2022

Having done matched betting as my main source of income for over three years, I’m well qualified to give a fair opinion of Profit Accumulator.

I’ll take a detailed look inside the free trial and Platinum membership.

Read through to the end and you’ll have all the information you need to help you decide if you want to become a member or not.

What Makes A Good Matched Betting Service?

Matched betting involves taking advantage of bookmaker and casino offers to make a profit.

Matched betting services attempt to make life as easy as possible for us.

A good matched betting service will:

– Teach us how to profit from different types of offers

– Find the best offers available

– Provide tools to make the process quick and easy

– Provide continued support for members

I became a member to take a good look at how well Profit Accumulator manages to help us with the above.

Before I show you inside the Platinum membership, I’ll go through what the Profit Accumulator free trial has to offer.

Profit Accumulator Free Trial: Simple Sign Up With Nothing To Lose

Profit Accumulator offers a free trial where they state you can: “Earn over £4o”.

To gain access, you only need to enter your name and email address.

You can sign up for the free trial of Profit Accumulator here.

Once you’re in, you’ll be taken straight to the ‘Start Here’ page.

You’ll have access to six free tutorials.

These tutorials will first teach you the basics of matched betting.

In addition, they’ll help you make around £40 profit by completing two bookmaker signup offers.

I like that each tutorial has an accompanying video.

The videos are helpful by making the instructions crystal clear, especially important for beginners. 

Oddsmatching Software: The Essential Matched Betting Tool

All matched betting services have a tool to help you find the best value bets.

Odds matching software displays real-time bookmaker odds vs betting exchange odds.

It looks like Profit Accumulator have recently updated their Oddsmatching software. There is an option saying ‘Old Oddsmatcher Available Here’.

A quick comparison between the old and new version shows me they’ve done a great job updating it!

Profit Accumulator’s new Oddsmatching software looks like this:

I like how fresh and clean it looks and feels.

It only displays the information you need and does it in a clear way.

I particularly like the filter and think it will be incredibly helpful for beginners.

You can simply select which offer you are doing.

The Oddsmatching software will then display all the best bets available for you.

In addition to that, you can then click on the calculator icon to open a preset calculator.

The matched betting calculator is already set to Normal or Free Bet mode (depending which offer you selected in the filter).

The stake is also preset, making it really simple for users.

Profit Accumulator Review - Calculator
The Profit Accumulator matched betting calculator.

Inside Profit Accumulator’s Platinum Membership: What You Get For Your Money

As soon as you’ve become a Platinum member, you’ll be taken to your Dashboard.

Here, you’ll find easy access to all the main areas of the Platinum membership.

Members can customise their Dashboard and add more complex tools if required.

Profit Accumulator has a preset Dashboard with ten of the most used areas.

I’ll go through each of these areas in this Profit Accumulator review.

Start Here & Oddsmatcher (Platinum Version)

We’ve covered these areas in the free trial.

The main difference is the Oddsmatching software.

Before, in the free trial, you’re limited to just a few bookmaker’s live odds.

Now, with the Platinum membership, the Oddsmatching software displays odds from around 90 different bookmakers and 4 betting exchanges.

Signup Offers: The Best Place To Start

The Profit Accumulator free trial takes you through three Signup Offers.

Here, you’ll find more of what you had in the free trial.

Profit Accumulator has a list of over 50 new signup offers to complete.

Working through these Signup Offers is the place to start.

Platinum members should already know how to do complete these offers from the free trial.

Each signup offer has specific details to help members if they get stuck.

There is around £500 worth of profit to be made by completing all the offers listed in this area.

Speaking of which, let’s move on to how to record your matched betting profits.

Profit Tracker: Keep Up To Date With Your Earnings

Here, you can record your matched betting profits easily.

There are two sections.

1. Your Profits

You can enter the details of each offer you complete with the profit/loss you made.

This allows you to see a breakdown of your earnings per month as well as your overall profit.

I like the option to ‘Enable Calculator Logging’ (found at the bottom of the page).

Calculator logging will add a “Store” button to the matched betting calculator to allow members to quickly save profits to their Profit Tracker.

2. Your Balance Sheet

This is in addition to your profit tracker.

It simply acts as a way to track how much money you have in each bookmaker and exchange account.

I think these are helpful tools but I would still personally prefer to use my own spreadsheet.

For many members, however, I can imagine the Profit Tracker area will be very useful.

Casino Offers: Adding Another String To Your Bow

Casino offers aren’t strictly matched betting, however, we can use similar strategies to take advantage of these promotions too.

This area is the next place I would head after completing all the Sportsbook Signup Offers.

The Profit Accumulator Casino Offers area is arranged into eight sections.

In section 1 and 2, you’ll learn how it’s possible to profit from Casino offers.

Sections 3 – 8 include a long list of over 50 new Casino account offers sorted by difficulty.

It makes sense to start with section 3 – Risk-Free Offers.

Here you’ll find a list of Risk-Free Offers. Perfect to give beginners a feel for Casino Offers. 

Each offer listed has its own mini guide to show how to complete it.

Members can expect to make around £500 – £1000 profit by successfully completing the offers listed in this area.

Calculator: Advanced Calculators For Experienced Matched Bettors

Here, you’ll find the basic matched betting calculator.

It’s likely that beginners will use the calculator integrated into the Oddsmatching software.

However, it’s also handy to have quick access to a simple matched betting calculator.

More advanced matched bettors will benefit from the Advanced Calculators area.

Profit Accumulator currently has 20 different matched betting calculators.

They are designed to help members complete specific offers more efficiently.

Two of my favourites are the DDHH and Early Payout calculators.

If you’re brand new to matched betting, these are two offers that are low risk but have the potential for high returns.

You’ll learn about these as you move along with your matched betting journey.

You can find all the Advanced Calculators on the main menu (click CALCULATOR > ADVANCED CALCULATORS).

You can also add a quick link by customising your dashboard.

Reload Offers: The Secret To Making Profit Every Month

After completing Sportsbook and Casino new account offers, this is where you will want to head next.

Reload offers (also known as Existing Customer offers) are offers that are available to existing customers.

This means, unlike signup offers, we don’t need to create a new account.

In this area, Profit Accumulator compile a list of the latest reload offers that are available.

When I first read about matched betting, I thought you could make a bit of money from the Signup Offers, and that was it.

It’s a common misconception many people have of matched betting.

Profit Accumulator does a great job of highlighting the best offers available.

You can use a filter to sort offers by Difficulty, Risk and Type (Sports/Casino).

Reload Offers make it possible to continue making money each and every month.

The more accounts you have open from the Signup Offers stage, the more Reload Offers you’ll have access to.

Offers Calendar: Highlighting The Best Opportunites Each Day

Similar to the Reload Offers area, the Calendar area lists offers that are open to existing customers.

In addition, The Calendar lists various offers that are available on certain days.

This area of Profit Accumulator makes it easy to quickly see which offers you should focus on each day.

Need Help?: An Active Community To Support Your Journey

This is where you’ll find all the contact and support details.

I like the fact that Profit Accumulator also provides a lot of different options to able to get in touch.

And, whilst on the topic of help and support, It’s worth mentioning the Profit Accumulator Forum.

The forum is accessible from the main menu when logged in.

Inside the forum, there is a range of categories and plenty of topics.

There are already thousands of posts and plenty of members that are active every day.


I had a good play around with the forum search function.

It’s easy to use and you’ll often find an answer to most matched betting questions.

Tools: Taking Your Matched Betting Skills To The Next Level

In this area, members will find advanced tools which will help them take on more complex offers.

I like that as you go through the Signup Offers you are slowly introduced to some of these tools.

In addition, each tool has its own tutorial with a step by step video of how to use it.

I’ve covered the Oddsmatcher and Profit Tracker already in this Profit Accumulator review.

So, I’ll touch on the remaining four tools in this area.

Match Catcher

The Match Catcher is specifically to help maximise profits from horse racing refund offers.

Each day, the tool is set by default to only include races that have promotions on them.

You can quickly set the filter to include the bookmakers that are available to you.

This is especially useful during weekends and busy horse racing periods.

My favourite feature of the Match Catcher is that you can use the filter to set up alerts.

This will then give you an audible alert whenever a relevant bet becomes available.

This will save a lot of time which can be spent completing more offers.

Acca Catcher

The Acca Catcher is an advanced matched betting tool that allows members to profit from sports accumulators.

This tool helps users quickly find selections at any bookmakers that have an accumulator offer.

I would advise beginners to avoid the Acca Catcher to start with.

It is more suited for experienced matched bettors.

Each Way Catcher

The Each Way Catcher is another tool tailored for advanced matched betting.

The tool helps members maximise profit from horse racing.

It works by displaying close odds for each way horse racing bets.

This is another matched betting strategy to get into later, with more matched betting experience.

Extra Place Catcher

The Extra Place Catcher help members maximise profits when bookmakers are running an extra place promotion. 

The tool finds close odds between bookmakers and exchanges in horse races or golf events that have an extra place promotion on.

Extra place offers are one of my personal favourite matched betting offers.

When done correctly, this strategy is low risk with the potential for high returns.


Profit Accumulator‘s Platinum membership is available at £24.99 per month or £180 for an annual subscription.

It of course makes sense to start with the free trial.

The aim of the free trial is to help members make around £40 which would cover the first month of Platinum Monthly.

Profit Accumulator 2021 Pricing

There is no long term commitment with the Platinum membership, members can cancel at any time they wish.

This is all backed up Profit Accumulator’s 30-day refund policy.

Final Thoughts Of My 2022 Profit Accumulator Review

Overall, I’m really impressed.

To be honest, I didn’t really want to be!

After using Oddsmonkey for over three years, and Profit Maximiser for even longer, I’d hoped to find some faults with Profit Accumulator.

Just so I’d be able to say: “I use the best matched betting services!”.

However, like Oddsmonkey, Profit Accumulator is another complete package for matched bettors.

The video training guides are comprehensive and easy to understand for those learning.

They provide all the tools needed, which are efficient, effective and reliable.

The only thing that bothered me slightly, was the fact they have an upsell of a Chrome Extension for £50.

I feel the upsell is placed too early (in the Sportsbook Signup Offers area) when members are potentially brand new to matched betting.

The Chrome Extension might help some users but certainly isn’t necessary to succeed at matched betting.

I also feel a little cheated that everything isn’t included in what is called the ‘Platinum Membership’.

With that said, it’s a small grievance and doesn’t reflect on the overall performance of the service and tools.

Profit Accumulator ticks all the boxes, which makes it easy to reward them with top scores in each of the categories I judge matched betting services on.

(See how Profit Accumulator compares to it’s biggest rival here: Oddsmonkey vs Profit Accumulator.

Profit Accumulator - At A Glance


Training Guides


Finding Bookmaker/Casino Offers




Customer Support


Value For Money



  • Easy to follow video guides
  • Very user friendly
  • Tools for all strategies
  • Easy to contact, great forum
  • Great value for money


  • Upsell of an unnecessary tool