Sports Betting: What Does BTTS Mean In Betting

Last Updated on February 9, 2021 by Ben

What Does BTTS Mean?

BTTS is a football betting term that means ‘both teams to score’.

When placing a BTTS bet, you will have two choices, YES or NO.

What does BTTS mean example

A YES bet will win if both teams score a goal during the match.

A NO bet will win if one or neither team score in the match.

How To Make Money Betting On BTTS

Did you know you can use BTTS bets to help you win every time you place a bet?

You can do this by using a method called matched betting.

The best thing about matched betting is we never need to guess what the outcome of a game will be.

Both the YES and NO part of the BTTS bet is covered which enables us to win each time.

Using a popular betting market like BTTS helps keep us under the bookmaker’s radar and allow us to continue matched betting for longer.

You can learn all you need to know in our 2021 matched betting guide.

Why Is Betting On The BTTS Market So Popular?

Now you know the answer to what does BTTS mean, you will see the appeal of these bets to punters.

The BTTS bets only rely on both teams either scoring or at least one team failing to score.

If a punter expects a high scoring and open game, for example, a YES bet on bet might be appealing.

Punters also perceive BTTS bets as ‘safer bets’ compared to say, the match odds (1X2) market.

If a team goes a goal down, the chance of that team winning can be slim.

So you can understand their thinking that they would prefer to just hope for goals rather than a specific match result.


Almost every website that predicts BTTS tips will be affiliated with bookmakers.

This means they don’t really care if their BTTS tips go on to win or not.

They just want you to click on their bookmaker affiliate links.

To make matters worse, the website owners will actually only profit if you lose money.

With that being said, the best betting tip I can possibly give is to learn about matched betting.

You can stop wasting time and money trying to make guesses about sport instead begin to beat the bookies.

Matched betting puts the odds in your favour and allows you to beat the bookies at their own game.

To start with, you should focus on taking advantage of bookmaker’s new customer account offers.

If you follow the instructions correctly, you will lock in a guaranteed profit every time you complete an offer.

You can stop wasting time and money trying to make guesses about sport instead begin to beat the bookies.

How To Start Matched Betting

I created an eBook for anyone new to matched betting.

In this guide, I go through the steps you need to take in order to make your first £1000 profit from matched betting.

I recommend starting with £200, and I estimate it should take you no longer than 3 months to achieve £1000 profit by spending around 30 minutes a day taking action.

The process is quite straightforward, however, for many people, the biggest hurdle is getting started.

I’ve broken the process down into manageable steps for you to focus on.