Thanks for visiting one of the few betting websites that’s all about… NOT Gambling.

That’s right.

No tips.

No predictions.

No guessing.

Just real strategies that you can use to beat bookmakers and casinos.

We want to help you make £1000+ from Matched Betting in 2024.

Who Are We?

The Betting Dad website was started in 2017 by Matched Betting enthusiast Ben.

Ben spent over three years using Matched Betting as his main source of income.

Side note: Although we do not recommend doing Matched Betting full-time in 2024, it is still one of the easier ways to make money online from home.

The site is now run by fellow experienced Matched Bettors alongside Ben.

We love sharing our knowledge and experiences and strive to help as many people as possible make at least £1000 profit from Matched Betting.

This is Ben. In this pic, he’s smiling but really inside he’s worried his kids are about to ruin his setup!

How To Start Matched Betting?

We’ve created an eBook specifically for people who are new to Matched Betting.

We explain the steps you need to take in order to make your first £1000 profit from Matched Betting.

You can start with our recommended bankroll of £200, and we estimate it should take you no longer than 3 months to achieve £1000 profit by spending around 30 minutes a day taking action.

The process is quite straightforward, however, for many people, the biggest hurdle is getting started.

We’ve broken the process down into manageable steps for you to focus on.

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