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No tips.

No predictions.

No guessing.

Just real strategies that you can use to actually beat bookmakers and casinos.

My aim is to help as many people as possible begin to actually beat bookmakers and casinos.

By the way, Hi!

I’m Ben, I’m 35, married and have two children age 5 and 3.

I’ve used matched betting as my main source of income for over three years.

This is me. In this pic, I’m smiling but really inside I’m worried my kids are about to ruin my setup.

For well over five years, I was that guy who tries all sorts of different business ventures.

Often failing.

The idea of making extra money from home was, like for many others, very appealing.

I especially wanted something in place to give me more flexibility and time when I became a Dad.

Matched betting was something I had known about for a while but never got round to trying properly.

When I decided to give it a go, my plan was to simply use it to earn a bit of extra money alongside other side hustles and my job as a gym sales adviser.

I spent around a year matched betting pretty much every day before and after work.

I got to a stage where I was consistently earning more than my full-time job.

In addition to this, I was able to save up the majority of my profits and continue reinvesting. 

So, unintentionally, I had ended up in a position where I could leave my job.

So, I did.

I also dropped my other side hustles and went all-in on matched betting and worked on it full time for over three years.

Is matched betting still worth doing in 2021?

In 2021, matched betting is still one of the easier ways to make money online from home.

There is no reason why anybody over the age of 18 from the UK can’t make £500 – £1000 from the bookmaker’s new account offers.

Beyond that, it’s reasonable to aim for £200 – £500 profit per month from ongoing existing customer offers.

What Is Matched Betting!?

If you have no idea of what matched betting is, you’re in luck!

I’ve written a monster matched betting guide.

I go through a real example and answer a load of common questions.

What Is Matched Betting 2021

Read The Ultimate Matched Betting Guide For 2021 here.

How To Start Matched Betting

I’ve created an eBook specifically for people who are new to matched betting.

I explain the steps you need to take in order to make your first £1000 profit from matched betting.

I recommend starting with £200, and I estimate it should take you no longer than 3 months to achieve £1000 profit by spending around 30 minutes a day taking action.

The process is quite straightforward, however, for many people, the biggest hurdle is getting started.

I’ve broken the process down into manageable steps for you to focus on.

If you have any questions please contact me.