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Advanced Matched Betting Without Free Bets – Introducing OUTPLAYED Pro

Last Updated on December 12, 2023 by The Betting Dad Team

An exciting new membership level is available at OUTPLAYED called OUTPLAYED Pro which includes new tools allowing for advanced Matched Betting.

The ability to take a high amount of value, quickly and without the use of free bets is what makes these new tools stand out.

In addition, you can use your gubbed accounts for OUTPLAYED Pro making it all the more appealing.

In this post, we’ll take a look at what is on offer with OUTPLAYED Pro and what to be aware of before jumping in.

OUTPLAYED Pro Membership

The OUTPLAYED Pro Membership includes all the benefits of the existing Platinum and Diamond tiers plus access to two powerful tools.

These tools are the Extra Place Master and 2up Master.

Both these tools allow you to quickly identify and place value bets.

This opportunity has never been available before with any other Matched Betting service.

It is worth saying at this point, the membership is called ‘Pro’ for a reason.

It is suitable for experienced Matched Bettors who have a track record of doing extra places and 2up offers.

Ideally, you will have a large bankroll and a very good understanding of variance.

Extra Place Master

We consider the Extra Place Master as the main tool included in the OUTPLAYED Pro membership.

Unlike other available Matched Betting extra place software, the Extra Place Master shows the Expected Value (EV) and the chance of a horse finishing in an extra place position.

Full Lay Mode

This can be viewed in the Extra Place Master’s Full Lay mode:

Outplayed's Extra Place Master
OUTPLAYED’s Extra Place Master in Full Lay Mode

This allows you to target the very best value bets when completing extra places.

No Lay Mode

The Extra Place Master no lay mode displayed the EV and fair win and place odds for all races, not just extra place races.

This is potentially the most powerful aspect of the new software which will appeal to experienced members.

The software quickly and accurately shows what bets to place to take instant value on gubbed and/or restricted accounts.

Outplayed's Extra Place Master No Lay Mode
OUTPLAYED’s Extra Place Master in No Lay Mode

As the name suggests, you will not lay these bets.

As a result, this strategy is very high risk so only suitable if you are experienced and have a large bankroll.

The variance you will experience is similar to that of high risk casino offers.

However, if it suits you, the OUTPLAYED Pro Extra Place Master will enable you to take more value than ever possible before.

2up Master

The 2up Master is a tool to maximise profits from the 2up early payout offer available at some bookmakers.

The tool shows the EV and the chance of a full turnaround (FTA).

This is something that has previously not been available with any Matched Betting service.

Outplayed's 2up Master
OUTPLAYED’s 2up Master

This allows you to use the best value football bets when doing 2up early payout offers.

Unfortunately, you will not qualify for the early payout offer if you are gubbed.

So, the 2up Master is only suitable if you have ungubbed Bet365 and Paddy Power accounts.

Is OUTPLAYED Pro Right For You?

As appealing as the Pro membership might be, it may not be right for you at this time.

If however, you consider yourself an experienced Matched Bettor and have a large bankroll available, then you will get a lot of value from an OUTPLAYED Pro membership.

If you are relatively new to Matched Betting or have not yet started both extra place and 2up offers, we would recommend staying on the Platinum or Diamond membership level for now.

You can always upgrade to the monthly or annual OUTPLAYED Pro membership when you do feel ready.

The initial feedback from members has been very positive from those in the position to use the new tools:

Outplayed Pro Reviews Outplayed Pro Feedback

Reviews from the OUTPLAYED site.

It is great to see such positive feedback from the early users of the Pro tools.

However, it will be interesting to see the results of the software over the long run.

In particular the Extra Place Master no lay mode.

OUTPLAYED will be gathering data and results to share soon and we will watch out for that as we continue to test the OUTPLAYED Pro tools.

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