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What Is Liquidity In Matched Betting?

Last Updated on December 11, 2023 by The Betting Dad Team

If you have recently started you may have wondered – What is liquidity in Matched Betting?’.

It’s important you understand what liquidity is and how it can affect your lay bets.

In this post, you will find out how liquidity works in Matched Betting.

What Is Liquidity In Matched Betting?

Liquidity in Matched Betting is the amount of money available to place your lay bet at the available odds.

The amount of money available is displayed underneath the odds buttons of each selection.

For example, there is £3,067 available to lay Man Utd here:

Smarkets Liquidity

This means that providing your lay stake is lower than this amount, your lay bet will be fully matched.

A common misconception is that you need there to be enough liquidity to cover your liability amount.

You ONLY need enough money available to cover your LAY STAKE.

Why is Liquidity Important for Matched Bettors?

It is important you check there is enough money in the market before placing your lay bet.

Checking the money amount that shows below the lay odds is greater than your lay stake will ensure your bet gets matched.

You can also check the liquidity amount when using OUTPLAYED‘s Oddsmatching software.

Outplayed Availability Filter

You can set the ‘AVAILABILITY’ filter to only show bets with a minimum amount of money.

The liquidity available in the market for each lay bet is displayed in the ‘AVAIL.’ column.

On rare occasions, the available money may get taken by someone else just before you place your lay bets.

This could leave you with an unmatched bet or a partially matched bet.

How To Fix Unmatched Or Partially Matched Bets

Unmatched Bets

If you place your lay bet and the odds change just before your bet has been placed, the bet will be unmatched.

Providing your bet has not matched at all, you can simply cancel the pending lay bet.

Then, return to the Matched Betting calculator and enter the currently available lay odds.

The calculator will show you your new lay stake to place using the new odds.

Partially Matched Bets

A partially matched bet is where some of your lay stake has been matched.

But not all of it.

For example, if you place a £50 lay stake on Crystal Palace here:

Smarkets Liquidity Low

You can see only £46 is available.

So, £46 would match and £4 would be unmatched and join the queue waiting to be matched by someone else.

It is worth noting that in most cases you can leave this and it would get matched soon after queuing.

Your chances of this happening increase by using popular sporting events with lots of betting activity.

However, the event may be close to taking place and you would like to fix this immediately.

You can use OUTPLAYED‘s easy-to-use Fixabet calculator.

The Fixabet calculator can be used for both fixing partially matched lay bets and cashing out incorrect lay bets.

You just need to enter the bet details and the new current lay odds.

The calculator will show you what lay stake you need to place at the new odds to fix your bet.

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