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Oddsmonkey vs Outplayed: Which Matched Betting Service Is Best For You?

Last Updated on February 2, 2023 by The Betting Dad Team

Oddsmonkey vs OUTPLAYED” is a common debate between Matched Bettors.

The truth is, both are quality Matched Betting services.

Either service will give you all you need to learn the basics.

However, read this post to the end to find out which service will suit you best.

Oddsmonkey vs Outplayed: Which Is The Best?

Oddsmonkey and OUTPLAYED are both great products.

It’s evident that they have pushed each other into the complete Matched Betting services that they are today.

You get to benefit from years of competition between the two.

It’s important to say, you can’t really go wrong with either one.

Both are very similar and provide the tools you need to make money with Matched Betting.

Whichever service you prefer will come down to a personal preference of appearance and usability.

We’ll highlight some key factors to consider when choosing between the two.

This will give you a fair chance to judge for yourself who wins the battle of Oddsmonkey vs OUTPLAYED.

Best For Beginners

If you are brand new to Matched Betting, you’ll benefit from the beginner training on offer.

Both Oddsmonkey and OUTPLAYED have well-written instructions alongside step-by-step video guides.

OUTPLAYED offer additional phone and live chat support.

Oddsmonkey only has email support as their main contact method.

This is why we recommend OUTPLAYED as the best Matched Betting service for beginners.

If you get stuck or need help you can speak to a real Matched Betting expert anytime from 9 am – 5:30 pm

Being able to get one-to-one support is invaluable.

The best part is – this service is available to you seven days a week!

Outplayed vs Oddsmonkey Support Comparison

Member Reviews

Both Oddsmonkey and OUTPLAYED are on the external review site Trustpilot.

Trustpilot allows verified customers to share their honest experience of a product or service.

At the time of writing both are rated excellent so are clearly doing something right.

OUTPLAYED‘s overall score is arguably more impressive with nearly four times the amount of reviews compared to Oddsmonkey.

Outplayed Trustpilot Reviews

Oddsmonkey Trustpilot Reviews

Free Trial: Oddsmonkey vs Outplayed

Oddsmonkey and OUTPLAYED both offer a completely free trial.

You only need to enter your email and create a password to gain access.

You can use the free trials to learn the basics and make your first Matched Betting profits.

Oddsmonkey states you can ‘Earn up to £29’ with their free introduction offers.


OUTPLAYED states you ‘Could make up to £40’ from their free trial.


Odds Matching Software

Every Matched Betting service will provide some odds matching software.

This software will display the best current odds that are available at bookmakers and betting exchanges.

Being able to quickly and easily compare odds is essential when Matched Betting or arbing.

Oddsmonkey and OUTPLAYED both have efficient, user friendly odds matching tools.

You’ll find yourself using this tool the most during your Matched Betting journey.

Oddsmonkey OddsMatcher

Oddsmonkey New Oddsmatcher

The Oddsmonkey OddsMatcher has a nice clean design.

The best feature is that it has a simple or advanced mode.

You can use the simple mode, to begin with.

Oddsmonkey provides this information about the simple mode:

“This mode is designed for beginners. We show you results that are limited to only certain sports and markets from major leagues.

The filter has been simplified to only show options that you are likely to need when starting out Matched Betting.”

OUTPLAYED Oddsmatching

Outplayed New Oddsmatching Software

OUTPLAYED‘s Oddsmatching software is also clear and user friendly.

The highlight feature for beginners is the ability to ‘filter by offer’.

This allows you to select an option from the dropdown filter, for example, ‘Coral Free Bet’.

The software will then automatically show you the best bets to use to lock in the maximum profit.

Profit Trackers

Both odds matching tools have integrated profit trackers.

This allows you to save your profit amounts easily once you have completed placing your back and lay bets.

You can use this feature to keep a good record of your Matched Betting progress.

We personally prefer to use our own Matched Betting spreadsheet.

However, you can choose whichever method suits you best.

Community/Member Support


Oddsmonkey and OUTPLAYED each have very active forums.

You can access the forums when you are logged in and is exclusive to members only.

Forums can be such a useful resource if you are finding anything difficult.

Furthermore, they’re great if you just want to chat with like-minded people who are learning the same things as you are.

In terms of useability, both forums are easy to navigate using the search bar and are almost identical in their layout.

Facebook Groups

If you prefer using Facebook, both Oddsmonkey and OUTPLAYED also have active groups.

You can join these groups before signing up.

So they are a fantastic place to interact with current members to find what service suits you the best.

OUTPLAYED has the edge in this one again, especially for beginners.

They have a group specifically for Newbies as well as a main group.

This allows you to be part of a group where everyone else is at the same stage as you.

Oddsmonkey vs Outplayed Facebook Groups

At the time of writing, the OUTPLAYED Facebook groups have a combined 80k+ members compared to Oddsmonkey‘s 9k+ members.

Pricing: Oddsmonkey vs Outplayed

Oddsmonkey wins this one with their subscription cost coming in a little lower than OUTPLAYED.

Either service is fantastic value considering the signup offers included in the memberships are worth between £500 – £1000.

You should, of course, make use of the free trials first.

The profit you will earn from the free trials will cover your first monthly subscription fee.

Outplayed vs Oddsmonkey Price Comparison

Although OUTPLAYED comes at a higher price, you do get the additional benefits of phone and live chat support which is such a great bonus, especially if you are a beginner.

OUTPLAYED also have a higher Diamond membership level that includes both sports and casino offers.

The Diamond membership is £49.99 per month or £450 per year.

You can upgrade to Diamond at any time so it makes sense to start with the basics.

There is so much available within the OUTPLAYED Platinum membership, you should begin there.

We would recommend avoiding casino offers until you have completed all signup offers and mastered a variety of reload offers first.

Try Oddsmonkey for free:


Try OUTPLAYED for free:


Oddsmonkey vs Outplayed Final Thoughts

So, who do you have down as the winner in the battle between Oddsmonkey vs OUTPLAYED?

Whichever you choose, you should know you have all you need to make a success of Matched Betting.

Both do their job in an efficient, helpful and user-friendly way.

Overall, we think OUTPLAYED delivers the knockout punch due to how they cater for beginners.

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