Matched Betting And Multi Accounting

Last Updated on February 18, 2022 by Ben

Multi accounting is the (not so secret) secret practice that allows people to scale up their Matched Betting profits.

You might have wondered just how people make significant sums of money from Matched Betting.

I am talking six-figure profits here.

Profit Accumulator has a Forum thread with a growing long list of members who have made over £100,000 from Matched Betting.

100K Club Profit Accumulator Forum

How is this possible!?

Well, multi accounting, in most cases, is how they do it.

What Is Multi Accounting?

Multi accounting when Matched Betting means using another person’s personal details to create and use bookmaker accounts.

The benefit of this is quite clear, the more bookmaker accounts someone has access to, the more offers at their disposal.

As you’ll know, when Matched Betting, the more offers you complete, the more money you will make over time.

Earning Potential

You may have read that I insist anyone new to Matched Betting can make £1000 profit.

Well, some people may have access to 5-10 sets of bookmaker accounts.

In theory, they could go on to make £5000 – £10000, and that’s just from new customer account offers.

Even when the ongoing daily offers are quiet, think of those smaller offers with £3 value.

They would suddenly seem much more appealing when the offer could be completed ten times over and have a £30 value.

Matched Betting Site Membership

Another great bonus is that there is no additional cost to the small ongoing expense of Matched Betting.

The monthly or annual Profit Accumulator fee, for example, will remain the same, yet the user’s potential profit increases significantly.

This is due to having a fresh set of bookmaker accounts.

Members can simply rinse and repeat the process using all the Profit Accumulator guides over and over again.

Is Multi Accounting Legal?

Is multi accounting when matched betting legal

This question is an ongoing debate throughout the Matched Betting community.

The answer is, nobody is really sure.

To be clear, making complete fake identities to try and open new accounts is illegal and would only get you in trouble.

In this post, I’m referring to multi accounting by using a real person’s information with their full consent.

Multi accounting is a grey area that some Matched Betting forums forbid conversation about.

As far as my research goes, there hasn’t been any cases of a bookmaker ever attempting to take someone to court over multi accounting.

Bookmakers and casinos are well aware multi accounting happens, and they do their best to spot it.

If a bookmaker has been able to detect a link between accounts, the worst consequence I have heard of has been a confiscation of funds.

The problem bookmakers have is, if done a certain way, it is difficult for them to spot and prove if someone is multi accounting or not.

How People Do Multi Accounting?

In order to start multi accounting, someone must have a friend or family member they trust completely.

The friend or family member must be in complete agreeance and happy for the Matched Bettor to use their details.

Trust is important because the Matched Bettor is trusting their friend (or family member) with their money.

Similarly, the friend (or family member) is trusting the Matched Bettor with their personal details.

If someone is using multiple accounts to do Matched Betting, they need to do everything they can to appear as if they are the true account holder.

To open a new set of accounts, one would need several things that are separate to their own details:

– A friend or family member’s personal details

– Email

– Address

– Phone Number

– Bank Account

– Separate IP Address

– Separate Device

These first five on this list are obviously necessary.

However, people might not be aware of the issues surrounding IP Addresses and devices when multi accounting.

Multiple devices when matched betting

Separate IP Address

Bookmakers can easily link multiple accounts if they are using the same IP address.

An IP address is a numerical label assigned to each device connected to a computer network. Wikipedia

Essentially this means, if two or more users log in using the same IP address, it’s really easy for a bookmaker to link the accounts.

Some bookmakers specifically state, one bonus per IP address.

For Matched Betting purposes, it’s important to always use a different IP address when logging into a bookmaker account using different users details.

A simple way many people achieve this is to:

– log in to a bookmaker account using their home Wifi.

– use their mobile phone internet data to log into another bookmaker account.

This will give them two separate IP addresses.

There are other ways of obtaining a new IP address.

By turning a mobile phone on to Airplane mode and back again, a new IP address can be created.

Anyone can see what their current IP address is, by simply going to Google and searching ‘my ip address’:

Screenshot of IP address when using partner friendly bookies

People need to ensure they check the IP address has changed each time before logging in.

Separate Device

When multi accounting, people should also be aware that some bookmakers can track activity by ‘fingerprinting’ devices.

If they do this, it won’t take them long to link multiple account users on the same device.

One way people can negate this is by using a VPN.

A virtual private network (VPN) extends a private network across a public network and enables users to send and receive data across shared or public networks as if their computing devices were directly connected to the private network. Wikipedia

Basically, this means someone can set up a VPN and use the new private network to appear as if they are on a different computer.

An alternative and arguably safer option for people who aren’t as tech-savvy is to use a completely separate device.

Some bookmakers are known to have detected multi accounting even when a VPN was in use.

In addition to this, some bookmakers, such as Bet365, don’t allow users to log in if they are using a VPN.

Refurbed desktop computers, laptops, second-hand mobile phones or tablets are a cheap and simple solution for multi accounting matched bettors.

The relative cost of an extra device is negligible when considering the profit someone could make from a new set of bookmaker and casino accounts.

Alternative Ways To Do Multi Accounting

Son helping mum do matched betting

If someone is uncomfortable using someone else’s details, they could consider operating in a different way.

They could simply go round to their friend’s or family member’s house.

They could sit side by side and guide them through Matched Betting offers.

The two parties could have an agreement to share the profits in any way they wish.

This could just as easily be done on a video or phone call.

Is Multi Accounting Ethically Wrong?

Matched Betting itself involves exploiting bookmaker and casino offers.

Both Matched Betting and multi accounting are against these companies terms.

Exploiting anyone doesn’t sound so ethical, however, I take a different view against these particular firms.

The gambling industry thrives by exploiting vulnerable people.

To make matters worse, bookmakers and casinos don’t allow winners to stick around too long.

They pry on people who they know will lose money in the long term.

To me, the bookmaker’s and casino’s business model all feels very wrong.

As a result, I don’t have any ethical issues with doing Matched Betting.

Therefore if multi accounting continues to help exploit an industry based on such poor morals, I don’t think people should have any ethical worries about it.

Final Thoughts On Multi Accounting

When considering if to start multi accounting or not, it is ultimately down to the individual.

They need to know the risks involved and decide if they are worth it for the potential rewards.

If you do begin multi accounting I would ensure you understand all about it.

There would be no problem with starting slow with just one extra account at a time.

This post about so-called partner friendly bookies is similar and something you might want to consider first.

I would also recommend keeping excellent records of all the information you will accumulate on a Matched Betting spreadsheet.

Either way, keep taking action, avoid gambling and enjoy making money from the bookmakers.